Selling a car in the UAE is a profitable venture for those people who are well aware of the market and the demand of their vehicle. But if you are a first-time car seller in the emirates, things can take quite an unexpected turn for you. When I was selling my car in the UAE for the first time, the only thought that was in my mind was how much cash for my car can I get in the local car market. There is very simple way to answer that question and that is to get your car valuated. Once you get your car valuated from a trustworthy source, you will know the actual worth of your car and with this information you can easily go to any local car market and sell your car. This knowledge is vital as there are people in the car market who will try to rip you off my offering you a very low value of your car. You can simply bypass these people and look for buyers who have genuine interest in your car and are willing to pay the right price for it. Here are a few ways to get your car valuated in the UAE.


  Cash for my car offered by the local car dealer


Most people believe that the local car dealers will give them a good evaluation of their cars. After all these people are experienced individuals who contact and interact daily with car buyers. These people are also very knowledgeable about cars and even have some mechanics around who can come and evaluate the engine and drivetrain of the car. They also have a good knowledge about the demand of certain cars in the market and based on all these, they can give you a very good value for your car. When I went to a local car dealer to ask for cash for my car, I had a bad experience. Local car dealers are always selling cars for cash and they can easily sell your car for cash, but they will charge a commission for it. Sometimes when car sellers are too naïve or unaware of the true value of their cars, some fraudulent car dealers may try to fool them into selling the car for a much low price. Since all cars are seen as cash cars in Dubai because you will always find someone here who will be willing to pay cash for cars, selling a car is really easy for these dealers. And nothing would hurt them if they make extra money from your car, especially when you are the one who is bearing the losses.


  Cash for my car offered by the local mechanic


So, what if the price offered by the local car dealers is not appealing to you. The next option you have is to head over to the local mechanic and ask him to evaluate your vehicle. The mechanic will inspect your car thoroughly and consider the engine quality and exterior elements along with the market demand before giving you a fair price for your car. If you have an hones and trustworthy car mechanic then you can not get a better valuation of your car than from him, but if that is not the case then you will be quoted a wrong value of your that that could either be too high or too low. When I went to get my vehicle evaluated from my mechanic, he gave me a very low value for my car which was even lower than what the car dealer offered me. This really discouraged me, and I thought of considering the last option that I had.


  Cash for my car offered by the car buying specialist website


The last option I had was visiting a car buying specialist website and having my car evaluated from there. It was a very interesting experience. When I visited their website, I found that there was an online car value calculator where I just had to mention the make, model and year of manufacture of my car and that tool will give me an estimated value of my car. The estimated value was based on the actual evaluation of cars like mine that the company has bought before. I was happy with the estimate as it was higher than the quotes offered by both the mechanic and the local car dealer. It was good cash for my car. I decided to proceed with the actual evaluation of my car that was to be done on the respective outlet of the company.


I drove my car over to their garage and their car specialists took an hour to evaluate my car. After final evaluation I was quoted a price than was actually higher than the estimated price that came from the online value calculator. I couldn’t have been happier. I decided to sell my car to the car buying company and they handled all the paperwork from myside too. The money was transferred conveniently to my band account and it was the smoothest car selling experience of my life. If you are a first-time car seller in the UAE, I would urge you to try one of the popular online car buying websites there. Trust me, it will be worth it.